Pay Australia is an Australian-owned and operated payroll and advisory service for the recruitment and staffing sector. They wanted a branding that was modern, friendly and professional to reflect their core company values.
Logo Design
The bright cyans, yellows and oranges were chosen to convey their friendliness and approachability. This was paired with a more sedate and professional blue to convey their reliability and trustworthiness. Finally, their monogram was hidden in their round and friendly logomark.
To complement the main logo, additional logos were created to meet the client's needs. including stacked, inverted and small-scale logos.
Full size and small scale logos
Colour variations, including full colour, flat colour and inverted along with mono-coloured black and white versions.
Isolated logomark in various colour ways
Stationary & Documents
Along with their new branding, my client needed various documents including letterheads, proposals and flyers. These all needed to reflect the newly established brand guides and often needed to remain editable for my client in Microsoft Word.
Digital Letterhead: Client editable in word
Digital Letterhead: Client editable in word
Client editable proposal document in Word
Client editable proposal document in Word
Web Design
Social Media Branding
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